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Yes. It’s a very simple website!
But…..you found it ranking on page 1 in a large city.
Chances are if I can do that for myself, I can do that for you too.
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If you are going to run a Toronto SEO Company, you are going to have to accept a level of competition that may not exist in the smaller towns and suburbs that surround these metropolitan regions.

As a Toronto SEO Expert, I am used to this level of competition and therefore can implement a strategy that will you and your company into the digital arena with a predictable trajectory and time frame.

SEO is not for the faint of heart or the weak. It can be relatively expensive initially but over the long haul, it is far less expensive than any other form of digital marketing available.

Contrary to what you will be told by most SEO companies that try to sell package deals, SEO cannot be sold as a package and implemented properly. It requires a detailed analysis of you and your competitors to estimate the necessary tools and resources to be effective.

These large SEO  firms that promote package deals are no fools either. They are well aware that a $500 SEO package is not going to provide the necessary resources for them to give your website a competing edge in the marketplace. Instead, what they are hoping for is one of 2 outcomes.

1) You either don’t feel the financial sting of the $500 monthly bill very much so you keep paying or

2) You up the ante and pay the big bill later when you realize something isn’t working.

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 The question you have to ask at this point is ” how much time did I lose!”

There’s a bit of marketing psychology at work here too. Let me explain.

It is well known to us marketers that once someone gives us a small sum of money it is much easier for them to give us a larger sum of money. About 20 times more likely to be sure. The hardest part is getting someone to part with a small sum in the first place. In fact, experts will tell you that there has never been a tougher time to get people to give you the first dollar.

Let’s face it. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know your company needs to be found on Google. And you want to do something about it, right? So the $500 a month fee makes it easier to sleep at night knowing ” there’s a man on the job” so to speak….right. But does that get you to the real goal line or just make you feel better about your situation.

The reality is, what we do is not inexpensive, but the alternative is daunting. That alternative is to keep returning to the old marketing tactics until the wiser of competitors have established footholds ahead of you in the digital space or even worse….you go out of business before you ever get a chance to play catch-up.

I’m being quite serious and I have seen first-hand examples of the latter. Don’t let this be you!

Search engine optimization is 90% a mathematical science and 10% an art form.  The art form aspect of SEO is a personal signature that is an attribute of the SEO practitioner.

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